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Lupine Publishers | Islamic Numismatics

Lupine Publishers | Anthropological and Archaeological Sciences Editorial Islamic Numismatics represent a significant field of study in Islamic history, archeology and civilization. In this regard, Miles states in the introduction of his book about the Numismatic History of Rayy: “No field of history is so well served by its numismatics as is the Islamic” [1]. Numismatics have received special attention in the Islamic State. In fact, Islamic legislation ‘Shari’a’ has been interested in coins in terms of worship and transactions, due to the connection between coins and zakat, dowry, contracts, waqf, diya and others. Numismatics also played a significant role in the Islamic State not only as an important tool for the economic system, but also as the governmental media system that resembles diverse modern mass media, such as radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and more. Such significant role attains to coins’ rapid circulation and widespread, for all hands hold it and all eyes e