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When Do Children Learn the Concept of Numbers?

According to Galister, Gelman, and Cordes [1] the cultural history of the real numbers began with the positive integers. Kronecker is often quoted as saying, “God made the integers; all else is the work of man,” by which he meant that the system of real numbers had been erected by mathematicians on the intuitively obvious foundation provided by the integers. Weise [2] poses the question what role does language play in numerical thinking? and maintains that numerical thinking developed in a pattern of co-evolution of number concepts and counting words, indicating that language played a pivotal role in the emergence of systematic numerical cognition in humans. Weise [2] proposes an evolutionary scenario: we can think of the co-evolution of number concepts and counting sequences as a development in four main stages. Stage 1 starts with iconic representations of cardinality. Read more about this article: