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Comparative Analysis of Wood Usage by Artists and Building Professionals: Defects and Preservations

This paper is focused on exploring the usage of wood types in the field practice of artists and building professionals. The paper enunciated the different types of woods and specific uses in relation to the strength and toughness. The importance of wood in the three disciplines, was identified and the appropriate preservation techniques used in safeguarding these from deterioration and rottenness were highlighted. Study considered availability of wood structure and aesthetic values derived from them. Apa has 90% use in artistic work, while 30% in architecture and construction work respectively. Read more about this article:   Read more Lupine Publishers Google Scholar articles:

An Indigenous Insight into the Opiod Crisis and the Rehabilitation of the Soul

Bornof orality, Native American shamanic traditions and healing practices are exclusively organic in manifestation [1]. In this context, the healing ritual assumes an organicism [2] where reality is found in the presence of the object as opposed to the Cartesian fantasy whereby reality is divorced from the organically manifest object [3]. As a result, in these traditions the healing ritual assume an organic based manifestation in herbal application as opposed to a faith-based miracle. However among many Native American shamans there is the practice of astral projection in a process centered metaphysic of nature [4] commonly known as “telescoping” wherein the shaman projects his or her free soul into the netherworld to investigate the wellbeing of his or her clients or patients. As a means to engage astral projection, the shaman commonly employs a smudged derive from selected herbal and or fungal flora [5]. Read more about this article: