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New Contributions to The Chronology of The Prehispanic Occupation of The Eastern Piedemonte of The Sierra San Javier (Tucumán-Argentine): First Absolute Dates

Among the pending issues in the archeology of the lowlands of the province of Tucumán, the construction of chronologies based on absolute dates stands out, which allows the elaboration of more reliable Pre-Hispanic occupation sequences to have a more precise temporal control of local social developments. Despite having registered dozens of archaeological sites in these jungle and forest environments, most of them do not have absolute dates. One of the cases that manifest this situation is the archaeological record of the eastern foothills of the Sierra San Javier, located in the central portion of the Tucuman pedemontana area. After decades of research [1-4] there were still no absolute dates in this sector. One of the main reasons can be attributed to the fact that most of the studies were short-term and with little funding - carried out by students of the Career of Archeology at the National University of Tucumán in the framework of final professorship or thesis-, which w