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Identity Theory and Conflict

The times we are currently living in are very difficult, sometimes very complex to understand from a sociological point of view. Society is a fuzzy concept, complex, sometimes, not very predictable. The combination of deficiencies in decision-making in the current scenarios, reflects the little knowledge on the subject to be dealt with, these groups, particularly vulnerable to initiate or sustain over time projects that come to contain regrettable and inefficient policies. There are many known interactions between the identity trilogy (in its individual and group manifestations), and its related psychological concept of self-esteem, and conflict. Read more about this article:   Read more Lupine Publishers Google Scholar Articles:

The Hierarchyand Central Place Patterns of the Chalcolithic Sites in the Bakhtiari Highlands, Iran

In archeology, there is a close connection between the size of the ancient places and the level of their social and economic complexity, without understanding and studying it, archaeologists cannot understand the cultural structure of the region. In this hypothesis, the larger of the settlement, the more administrative and social services are provided, and thus has a more complex administrative and economic structure than smaller ones.Accordingly, with the aim of determining the central place and hierarchy,the middle and late Chalcolithic sites ofthe Laran districtin the Zayandeh-Roud basin were studied.To determine the central place and hierarchy of settlement in a mountainous area, using GIS and SPSS software and using cluster analysis method, middle and late Chalcolithic sites were classified and studied and it was determined thatsocieties of Chalcolithic period in the mountain valleys of the Laran district, along with other Zagros valleys, have taken to complex societies, s