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Lupine Publishers | Principles of the Military Consultations in Ancient Egypt

Lupine Publishers- Anthropological and Archaeological Sciences Journal Impact Factor Introduction A way from the regular theory, that the royal king always had the perfect and ideal order and decision [1], when he always is depicting as an intelligent and wise man, making the correct solution against the doubts and uncertainties of his councilors [2], The pattern is basically that the king makes and demonstrates his superior judgment by the ensuing success [3]. From the beginning of the ancient Egyptian history, the royal king must had his own courtiers and advisors among the great ones [3A,3B], to consult with them, concerning the vital matters, especially when are relating to the country fate [4], the literary texts depicted several kinds of councils, whether were holding at the royal palace or outside it. The first witness of holding a royal council was belonging to the 4th dynasty, at the reign of the great king Khufu, this council documented in Westcar papyrus

Lupine Publishers | Historical Silahtaraga Power Plant-Black Sea Decovil Line Research, Double Military Decovil Photogrammetry Study

Lupine Publishers- Anthropological and Archaeological Sciences Journal Impact Factor Abstract In this article, which we prepared in addition to the works carried out by tracing a lost cultural heritage, In 1915 Turkish geography, investigation and photogrammetry study on the narrow-gauge railroad line built to transport coal from the Black Sea coast to the Golden Horn will be included. In the study, a CAD model created by measurements made from old photographs related to the subject will be used as data in the prototype to be produced by SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) method. Then, we believe that the miniature model and production adventure of the Decovil locomotive, which we have brought to the present with the noncommercial serial production of the model, will be the means of remembering at least a cultural heritage that has not reached today. Introduction In this part of the study, the research of the historical railway and its archaeological importance will be sha